Tree Emergency

Emergency Tree Removal

We are available 24/7 to remove the hazards trees can sometimes present.

Part of our consultation includes tree risk assessment and risk management. When we come to your park, building, or lot, our certified arborists can ascertain if a tree presents risk to your property. The risk might be part of the placement or if the tree itself shows signs of rot or pest infestation. Should it require removal, we will do so quickly and safely.

High-voltage utility lines can cause fires when they come into contact with tree branches. If a tree has grown too close to power lines, only our trained and qualified tree workers under the direction of our Utility Arborist will be allowed to work up to 3-feet in proximity of the High-Voltage lines, If the tree worker is NOT qualified they will not be allowed to come within 10-feet of the high-voltage lines. High voltage is considered to be 600 volts and higher. The objective of pruning near or around high-voltage lines is to trim away the excess branches and overgrowth in order to avoid power interference. We follow strict safely guidelines set forth by cal/OSHA for the safety of our employees and your assets, as well as safety standards given by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

There’s no need for a consultation if there is an emergency situation presented by a tree on your property.

Even if a tree or branch has not caused immediate damage, we should be notified. The sooner we are alerted to the situation means we can prevent more damage to property.


Strong winds are causing your trees to sway or shake uncontrollably

The tree could be close to falling, but we might be able to use cabling to stabilize the tree. Otherwise, we might need to completely remove the tree to prevent it from falling.

A low hanging branch presents a potential to injure a person or city property

A branch has fallen from a tree but has not caused any damage

A branch has fallen from a tree and damaged city property, personal property, or caused injury/damage

A tree has fallen anywhere in your community but has not caused any damage

The sooner we know about a fallen tree, the sooner we can respond to prevent damage or injury



We are arborists. Trees aren’t just our job–they are our passion.