What is an arborist report?

The forestry in each city is different from the next. The arborist report is geared specifically toward our different clients and the areas they service to detail the different types of trees. When creating a report, we consult CalFire to compile information that clients need to be aware as far as hazards the trees in their area may present, and we also give information if there’s been a recent bug infestation that our clients need to look out for. Depending on the season, these arbor reports change to help our clients become aware of their trees, so they can let us know if something is amiss.

What kind of trimming does my tree need?

Our arborists always prune according to the American National Standards Institute standards for tree pruning.

I think something’s wrong with my tree; how do I know for sure?

We see symptoms throughout the day. Certain changes in the plant may indicate disease or pest infestation. Check for changes in the color and texture of leaves and bark. Look for holes in the leaves or disruptions in the bark’s appearance.

Why should I hire a Certified Arborist?

Trees can increase property values by 20%. Certified Arborist help preserve trees and remove trees that are damaged or dead. We are trained to remove or maintain trees safely and effectively. Attempting to remove trees without proper training could lead to asset damage or serious injury or death.

Where does the wood from removed trees go?

Part of our commitment to the community and the environment is to responsibly dispose of wood waste. We offer free campfire wood and free mulch to community members. Additionally, larger pieces of wood are used to build furniture.

How many trees are in my city?

We use geographic information system (GIS) to inventory all of the trees in our clients’ communities. We break the list down by size and species per street address. You can access that through our resource portal.